Thank You to all the Volunteers

    Dear Frog Families and Volunteers.

    I was caught off guard yesterday when  I received the Volunteer Award and speeches are not my thing,so I wanted to write this email to thank everyone for their time and effort this season.

    Thank you to everyone that volunteered. Whether you brought water and donuts, timed, judged, scored, collected coaches gifts, decorated posters, arranged ribbons, helped setup and clean up, arrange Magic Water , I want to thank you all. It takes a lot of people volunteering their time to get the team running.

    A special THANK YOU goes out to the Sampey's. Mike worked very hard this season with the Park District to get this team running. He opened his home (garage) to store all of our team equipment to further move it to our new home pool. They volunteered every home meet and their dedication to the team made this season happen.

    Have a nice rest of the summer and see you all next season.

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