A conference schedule and open board positions


    Saturday, July 29th

    ​Host Team: Lombard Waves


    ​Location: Paradise Bay Water Park

    437 E. St Charles Rd, Lombard

    Warm Ups: 7:15am

    Arrival time: 7:00am  (​Parking is limited and there are 2 other teams warming up prior to us so the earlier you arrive, the better chance to find parking)



    **Attached you will find the full schedule for the meet which includes warm up times, timers and judges meetings and team parade, etc.  


    If you will be late or an emergency comes up and you are unable to attend, please contact Coach Matthew 630-656-8919 or Coach Annalise 630-306-2146.  Please let them know ASAP.


    Please make sure your swimmers get plenty of rest Friday night and while at the meet help your swimmers to remember to stay out of the sun to conserve their energy so that they are swimming their best!  


    Coaches would like for all swimmers, girls AND boys to wear swim caps, if possible.  Even better if you have an Addison Frogs cap.



    Still looking for people to volunteer or nominate someone for our open board/team positions next year.  So far I have received only one.  Please let me know ASAP.  If we have more than one candidate for a position we will vote at banquet.  Otherwise if only one person, a vote is not needed and we'll just announce at banquet.  




    DSDC Parent Rep

    Record Keeper (I will train and can assist if needed)


    Thank you!  

    Maggie Zimmerman






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